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Sep 18, 2013
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Hey, I've been working In a beauty salon for over a year, have just moved and am looking to start up on my own, probably rent a room first in the new year,I just have no idea where to start making business plans, can anyone give me a kick in the right direction as I'm a bit lost! Thanks xo
Business Gateway have a lot of info on business plans & have workshops on how to write it etc.
Fab thanks, I'll have a look
Natwest website have a business plan template. Basically it has everything on there that you will need to research and fill in such as your business what's it about how it will be financed etc. it's really good and in depth and with it being drawn up by a bank it will have everything you need to cover incase you were ever to need funding for your business.
Hope that's some help for you xx
Awesome, handy as I bank with them, thanks

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