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Jan 26, 2011
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Hi geeks i need some advice here as i am well and truly stuck with this part of my business plan.

I need to do a sales income calculation,cash flow , balance sheet and break even.

Now i have managed to do profit and loss but i am seriously stuck with the rest of it, have information overload from googleing stuff but need it in plan in english please lol.

Have spent hpurs trying to work it out but i am getting no where fast x:Scared:
I decided that my time had a value, so I actually bought one ready made! I think it cost me about a tenner, and I got it from ebay. It is specifically for hairdressers, and all of the formulas are ready set, and it makes reports automatically for you.

I can use excel, but just figured all those stressful hours saved were worth a tenner!
I can understand why buying one was all ready done is appealling but i would like like to complete this myself lol, i will not let it beat me x
Ok.....well what help were you looking for? Maybe we can help?
hi im interested in the link for this please. i too am excel experienced but sure i can improve what i created 2 years ago. thanks.
hie ya pm me i can send you one that does the calculations on its own,u jus edit it to suit your needs.
This may come across as me being really thick lol but my business plan i have done i now have to do these spread sheets i basically know how to use a spread sheet its how i get the figures.

By that i mean i have worked out for 3 yrs what i hope to earn, how do i go from that to doing cash flow forecasts, balance sheets , profit and loss, break even.

I know i have to take figures from the business plan but i am totally lost and was trying to grt done tonight as i am seeing my business mentor in the morning.

Any help would be great x
sent sarasparkles

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