Buying my brush - oval med size needed


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Jul 2, 2007
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Isle of Man
Ok, read through all the threads on brushes I def decided I want an oval brush (bought a cheapy oval brush and worked really well with it although it fell appart - I just bought it to test the shape). Anyway, I got the creative catalogue and cant find an oval brush only one called a Honey Oval. I dont want too big a brush and not sure on sizes. Anyone recommend a med oval brush for me please and where to get it from.

Oh, just in case it matters I use NSI Attraction

Thanks in advance

Oh, the old technitian left a brush behind called a Designer Nails performer - anyone heard of this as I like the size of it and want the same sort of size for my oval brush
NSI do a great new brush called Royal Series - it is available in different sizes and is reccomended to go with the Attraction Acrylics - I got one when I did a conversion course with them and I have found it fantastic to use x
Thanks for that Viks

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