Caci ultra hours?


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Aug 28, 2015
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Hi, I am looking into purchasing a caci ultra second hand machine. Can anyone tell me what the hours are about on the machines please?!!! Do they have a set amount of hours that they will work before service, or do you then need a pin code etc? I have read nearly every post possible on this site to do with starting up a business (as I am hoping to do) but any advice on what to do or what not to do would be greatly recieved!! I am an experienced therapist and lecturer but actually going alone is a completely scary concept for me but something that I always wanted to do! Thank you geeks x x
Are you already CACI trained? I looked at a second hand machine, however once id factored in a service, training it came to quite a few thousand which at that point i would have been better purchasing a new machine [emoji53] in the end i didnt bother as im not convinced its that good.
I would look at setting up your business before considering such an outlay. I'd personally choose my skincare line and everything else first - but you may have done that.

Caci - new or second hand - is a big outlay. Make sure you know you have the clientele to justify it.

Vic x

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