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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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As most of you already know I'm a beginner in the Nail business and am trying to evaluate how much of each product I need to order. For example, base coats, treatments, nail polish / lacker, top coat.

I know I will need a supply of those for retail selling, and a supply to operate. It occured to me that trivial as it may sound, do you know how many sets of nails can you polish with one small bottle of polish?

What I'm trying to establish is a ballpark of basic cost expense and evaluating profit, setting up a service price list.

Perhaps the number of set of nails is irrelevant, I'd just like to get a general picture on how to calculate an order. I'm thinking of it because I might have to order some of the needed material and at the cost of S&H I thought it would be a good idea to have enough on hand to save on the S&H. wink
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