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Emma Perks

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Sep 30, 2013
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Hi all, I am looking for some opinions on Calgel nail extensions? do any of u use them? are they easy to work with? do they really soak off easy?
Im looking into doing the course but would like to hear your thoughts first? Oh and if any one lives in the Dorset area and does these then I would like to try a set to?

Thanks Guys x
Hi. We use Calgel where I'm training. I have my extensions assessments tomorrow. I really like it and it's not sold unless you have the certificate which I also like.
I've sculpted a complete set of nails for myself tonight after watching the DVD and they look ok I think for a first attempt :).
I like that I can apply and correct shape and c curve etc with buffing and a top coat brings them up perfect. I've done tips a few times but I have to say that on me they're not bullet proof, but I'm heavy on my nails! X

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