Calling all geeks North West!!!


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Hi all u North West Geeks!!

Just wondering if any of you fancy meeting up to hav a good old giigle about all the things nails that we don't feel we can discuss wiv family and friends?

If so let me know:)
Hi Alex

I'm up for that ! I'm in Stockport. I think Lesley would be interested to, she's in Cheshire.

Thanx Sassy xx
Yep count me in :biggrin:
What days are best for you guys!
Hi Alex

My rota changes from week to week.

I know weds are fine as I've been having them off for driving lessons, but I don't need to anymore coz I passed my test last friday !!!!! :lol:

If you guys decide on a day etc. I should be able to clear it with work.

Sassy xx
Antony B is a north west geek. If we met in manchester perhaps he could join us?
Just wondered what date and location would be best for everyone?
Whats happening about our meeting ?
Hi !

I'm not sure what's happening. Nothing else has been mentioned has it ? I should be pretty flexible now that easter is out of the way. I think Manchester would be a good location to meet up, what do you think ?

Sassy xx
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