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Aug 23, 2011
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I've recently started doing IBX treatments.

I did IBX Repair & IBX first time treatment on a friend under Shellac.. She has weak, ridged nails and can't seem to keep Shellac on over one week.
This time the Shellac stayed longer but she got this strange cracking.. Any thoughts as to what might have caused this??

She also says that with shellac off these 3 nails are peeling but weren't before



Thanks sooo much in advance!
I don't know what's caused it but I think it's coincidental rather than anything to do with the Ibx

I use it and the results are fab
Only good results from IBX so far.
Did you rub thoroughly with scrub fresh before putting the base coat on?
Otherwise, probably caused by some other factor.
Presumably you have the correct cnd light and products?
It's interesting that the cracks are only on the half of the nails which are near the free edge; I would think this might point to them having been in contact with something which has caused a chemical reaction
Which shellac colour is it and how many coats - out of interest?
It looks like about 2 weeks regrowth?
In the picture with the ladies shellac on, some of her nails looked "crazed" at the end, like they are cracking, looks like the product has dried out. I suspect this client isn't a regular user of solar oil!
Thanks girls.. Yes, she's run out of solar oil! Yes, about 2wks regrowth. I think I 'scrubbed fresh' before base coat. I do use all CND products. X
I think it looks like she needed an extra layer. If her nails are thin and flexible that's probably what caused the cracking, especially since it's the ends and corners.

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