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Apr 4, 2022
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Hi Everyone,

does anyone work in a salon as self employed on a commission spilt where there are employed how do you find it?

a friend of a friend owns a salon I was new to the area and had a few mobile clients but thought I would be best in a salon a few days a week also so asked to do a few days in there.

the salon manager and beautician who mainly does nails are employed where I am self employed.

i was going in on two set days a week for a few months but found I wasn’t getting any walkins on those days and the people who did want booking in wanted other days in the week than the two I did. As I have some mobile clients outside of there I started saying I could do them on those days if they requested them so that I wasn’t losing money and going into the salon on the other days for bookings or to hang around but it’s quiet

a couple of self employed hairdressers have left as it’s quiet and the employed hairdresser takes all the new bookings.

When I have been in I’ve noticed if people enquire about treatments that they don’t do they will turn round and say oh they not in all the time and they don’t even bother to take their number for example the lady who does Botox she comes in as and when she has a booking which the manager is meant to take the details but they aren’t. There have been several occasions where I’ve chirped in to get the clients number to pass onto her.

so I’ll guessing that they are doing the same to me i do similar treatments to the beautician aswell as lashes and more advanced facials, the beautician actually said you know just come in and you might get a walk in which I do go in a few days a week or if I’m quiet in the afternoon I’ll go in for a bit but I can’t be in there 9-5 everyday as I have clients outside of there which I which they don’t seem to understand I have to make money I have asked a few times if someone does come in when I’m not there would they mind taking their number and I’ll get back to them as soon as I have finished with my client as I manage my own diary and it’s changes all the time.
I share my availability on the Instagram and tag the salon one in which also the manager is meant to share but doesn’t. They also seem to call the other self employed who have worked there and left because they aren’t getting worked basically calling them work shy and people don’t seem to want to work. Which they do.

I don’t know whether to mention anything to the owner about numbers not being taken for clients or availability being shared ?
I’m not busy enough in there to tell my mobiles I only work from there which would be easier to be in one place but if I take them all in there now I would be giving half the money away with the spilt.

How long have people given a place before they have moved on.

sorry for the long post
There is no such thing as self-employed split when employed by the way.

Honestly, if you're self-employed, which it sounds like you are, then you agree to a split/flat rate for the space on days agreed and do your own marketing to drum up clientele. It's not expected for the salon to give clients to you from walk-ins etc. really.
Personally yes I would mention it , the less your making the less she is making . However there should be a booking system in place that people can either book online or staff can view & book clients in

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