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Aug 13, 2009
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where do you get it from?

I have just tried to order the wax applicators from ellisons, they cost £8.75 but adding on VAT and £7.25 delivery charge, I am very reluctant to pay that. I'm paying around 80% of the product cost on delivery and I phoned to ask them if that was right and apparently it is so.

Does anyone else get them from any where else? I looked on ebay but its all so expensive. And I hate the thought of using ebay. x
As far as I am aware the phd system is made by Ellisons so I would think they would be the only place you could buy it from.
PhD is exclusive to Ellisons unfortunately so that is the only place you can order them from. I think their free postage threshold is £75 ... is there anything else you need that you can order from them to get the order over this?

I am thinking of just ordering essentials such as couch roll etc. Justthink its a bit of a joke to be honest. I can't see how one small item can cost £7.25 to post. but anyway. thank you both for your help. she said that the cost goes down after £25 because i'm being penalised for it being a small order. so it costs more to buy less.

Thank you both x

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