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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK
Been thinking about getting a camera phone and I just wondered if anyone's tried to take photos of their nails / nailart with one, and whether it would work or not.Do they come out quite clear, and can you put them on the computer? Haven't got a digital camera, so thought I'd join the modern world and get a camera phone instead....i'm only just getting the hang of the computer, so don't want anything TOO complicated!!!!! LOL !!!!
Hi mand if you look in my gallery in my profile you will see some nail pictures all the pictures are done using my camera phone which is the samsung E700, i do find it quite good x
My daughter has the samsung e700, and have to say that the pics are very clear and can easily be transfered to the pc via the data cable.
Hi Lesley, i send mine via text message to my email then upload them, it may be the long way round doing them though lol, im not sure x
Thanx girls for your replies.

I'll have a look at the samsung one....might take me 5 years to figure out how to use it mind..... DUH!!!!!!!!
I use the Nokia 7200 & am very happy with it.It takes lovely clear pictures & has an inbuilt video recorder too!
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