Can anyone give me advice on my own hair please


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Jun 29, 2013
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Hi Salon geeks, I am a hair stylist but my god I'm so indecisive about my own hair! I'm going to do the ombré on my hair and try to achieve this colour, would you recommend using a semi on roots? I'm quite naturally gold so base 6 ash and base 7/8 in mid lengths and ends? But just don't know what tone? What do you think? Maybe wella or Richesse? Any suggestions? ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1383867261.671518.jpgImageUploadedBySalonGeek1383867269.865940.jpg
I did something similar for a client of mine on Tuesday. I used wella colour touch.
Make sure you pre-pig the midlengths first. One word of advice I'd give is that the coverage of blonde isn't as dramatic as I'd hoped, I used base 7/0 on roots and 7/0 with 8/0 on midlengths and the contrast wasn't dramatic enough. I wouldn't use the 8/0 if I was you, as it may also fade. Maybe take everything a shade darker than you'd previously thought, thats what i'd do if i was doing it again. Also i'd use something with a /7 tone which is brunette in Wella. good luck.

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