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Sam Cox

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Nov 10, 2003
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone of you can help. I have for years had an interest in learning how to do nail extensions,its something that I would like to take up as a self employed business in the future as my kids are now older and its time that I gave up working for other people and follow in an area that I know i really would comit my time to. I have been taking a look at a few sites and it appears that the courses either involve travelling a long way away and also the prices are out of my reach. Does anyone know if there are any courses in the Derby area and how much they are, also if I could pay by installments? each month when I am paid from my regular job. If any of you out there work in the derby area, would any of you be prepared to let me shadow you as you work so I can pick up some tips and ideas??

I look forward to your advise.
Sam. xx


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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Hi Sam and a warm welcome...... you will like it here and the knowledge within this site is astounding!

Any could apply to your local college to see what they have to offer? Usually this involves a Manicure/Pedicure course to begin with followed by nail enahancements. Courses that provide no underpinning of Nail anatomy really arouse suspicion for me.....and there are those sort of courses out there!!!! :freak:
My experience though of local college....Im afraid it isnt good. I was trained several years back in Beauty Therapy by college lecturers that were of the opinion that Nail Enhancements were BAAAADDDDD!!!! A big no no.....
Quite ironically.....when I decided to research Nail Technology and decided to put my previous fears behind me and go for Advanced Nails......lo and behold the same tutors were running the courses!!!!!
Local college courses are usually over subscribed.....resulting in many students to one tutor. In my case.....20+ students to one tutor.
I appreciate that there are many members here that have much more favourable stories to tell!

Thankfully.....I saved hard and recently I have completed the Creative Four Day Foundation Course and my goodness what an eye opener it was for me! Just 8 of us to one ambassador (thats the max class size!) All of us with differing abilities yet not one of us felt any more experienced than the other!
So much of what I had previously been taught was sooooo bad and sooooo wrong! :(
I went into the Creative course as a blank canvas and put everything I (thought I did) know on the back burner!
Jane Cook...the Creative Ambassador was wonderful.....her knowledge and expertise astounding! :study:

Value for money.......?
Most definitely and yes although the initial outlay seems high, the support, back up and just the sheer feeling even at this early stage that you are part of a team, Its been worth every last penny!

Just my experience...... 8)

Its tough deciding which way to go Sam but hopefully you will get lots of offers of advice!
Good luck! Im sure you will do well!!!!

Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon i did :frust:

aim straight for the top

leeds number is: 01132755719

evryone on here will vouch for them
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