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marion hines

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Dec 4, 2015
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Hello Everyone.

I am a new Sienna X spray tanner in Essex I have been going for a good couple of months now but the only clients I have are a handful of friends.

I post on Facebook and have a Facebook page, which I paid to promote a couple of weeks ago, I update Instagram on a regular basis and have very recently set up a website. I am putting adverts on all of my local and not so local buying/selling and Small Business Advertising sites but still no clients.

So, am I doing something wrong or is there an advertising trick I am missing? I am thinking that my next move might be a leaflet drop but I am a bit hesitant to do this. I have also looked into hiring a room in a salon but there has been nothing at all in my area. I'm getting very disheartened.

Any tips would be really really appreciated.
Thankyou!!! : )
Why are you hesitant to do a leaflet drop?

Vic x
Why are you hesitant to do a leaflet drop?

Vic x
Hi Vic
I am very new to this type of business so I think I am a bit wary of annoying people by putting things through their door
I've done leaflet drops with the fam on a Sunday and it was like pulling teeth. I then contacted the local free magazine that gets delivered to every village locally and got a price for them to deliver with the free mag. Much more cost effective than buying my lot Sunday dinner and less invasive. I don't think Sunday is a good day.

There are companies that will do the drop for you or try a local mag or newspaper.

Remember your leaflet is a window to your business and professionalism. If your leaflet is cheap with poor spelling a judgement will be made about your business.

All advertising needs to be done over and over again. People won't remember you the first, second or third time, you have to keep going.

I personally think it's extremely hard to build a business offering one service. We've been established some years and spray tanning is one of our last popular treatments so just be aware that you may need to consider other treatments.

Vic x
Just to get you started maybe you could do a promotion.May be buy one get one free.Then you have two Clients that would possible come back.Then you could give then a recommend a friend card. so if they recommended a friend that hasn't been to you before. you both get a Discount.I would probably ask your local hairdresser if any of the staff would like a leaflet say your doing a offer. I remember some one doing that at a salon I was working in and I think we all had it done lol.good luck x
Also you could do taning party's.don't get disheartened if there are any selling sites on Facebook. Could put a add on there X
Good morning and thank you both for your replies and advice I really really appreciate that ....and your words of encouragement are great too ....the only way is up!!! ; )
Hi Marion,

I am a Fake Bake specialist and when you start a business as a tanning specialist you will find your business is slow, well thats what i found anyway.

When i started in 2013, i didnt have much experience in tanning despite the fact i have been qualified since 2008. Therefore i reflected that in my price. I priced my tans at £7 to cover my product and travel costs as i was mobile to begin with to allow myself to gain confidence and experience. My price attracted attention and my client base grew.

I offered free spray tans to selected clients and in return they would advertise for me. So for example: take a picture of their "white bits" add it to facebook and tag me in it & another picture the following day once washed off.

I would also send a follow up text message 1 week later to gain feed back from the client and screen shot the response and add it to my facebook and then tag them in it.

I would offer spray tan parties, minimum of 5, maximum of 10 and give the host a free spray tan, (everyone love a freebie).

Once my client base grew, i increased my prices to £10, then to £15, then to £20.

In regards to Instagram, i didnt use that at the beginning of my journey. Facebook was key for me! & rather than using a page, id added people to my personal facebook to guarantee they saw my posts and status's and even now, i have a salon and i am salon based, Facebook seems to be a winner for me. By allowing your clients to be on your personal facebook, they feel as though they are your friend (not sure why) and that you are allowing them to gain access to your personal life. Obviously, you are not but they think you are, well my clients do.

I find Instagram extremely hard to use as an advertising tool because it is far to open and you could have 5000 followers, But how many are actually close enough to book a tan? Or if your profile is private, whos going to see your posts? If you find you prefer instagram, then hash tagging is key!

And, just to add.........special offers work rather well. Loyalty cards, refer a friend, 2 for 1, £5 off if you book with a friend etc etc

Hope this helps x
You could try to advertise on gumtree or Google add words works well for us.

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