can lifting be due to the product?


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, I have been using millenium as this is what I trained with (only recently qualified) and have had problems with lifting. I have done everything I should to prevent it and to make sure I asked a friend to watch me. She is creative trained, works in a salon and has no lifting problems. She said I was doing everthing ok and then she put a set on me using my products. They have also lifted.

Could this be due to the product? I have now ordered an NSI sample kit to see if that helps. What do you think?
If you are doing everything right in your prep and applying the product properly yet still have lifting then yes it could be down to the product if it is a low end product. If you still get lifting then I would suggest having a few hours 1-1 to see where you are going wrong and correct it.
i wouldnt necessarily say that lifting is due to a lower end product. it could be the shelf life of the product,it could be contaminated,etc
Not using Millennium I couldn't tell you, but I would think that a person who is used to using that particular brand would be more helpful than someone who is using Creative as every make has its own idiosynchrasies. That's why when you use a different brand you are recommended to do a conversion course, so you can find out how best to use that particular brand.

Invest in a one to one with Millennium before splashing out on a whole new range. Or why not ask your friend to have a try of their Creative stuff, it could be that it suits your current technique better ... or totally prove that it's the workman and not the tools!
Hi ,
I am pretty sure it is the products ,i used to buy my products from Sallys when i first started out,i went through different gels and different l&ps ,and had lifting problems with them all which put me on a downer and i felt like giving it up,i then discovered Bio sculpture which im now trained in ,it is twice as expensive as the gels in Sallys but believe it or not ive had no problems with lifting at all since ive been using it ,(touch wood),and i find the prep is easier with :hug:it is the product.

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