Can Wella Koleston Pure Naturals be used on their own?


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Jan 10, 2022
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A client has about 15% grey. Natural hair is about a level 4 with lots of red undertone. She wants a cool dark brown level 3-3.5ish with “no warmth and red undertone at all”

I am thinking to use 4/0 and special mix 0/28.

Or are the pure naturals only to be used as a mix for grey coverage?

Thank you
The 4/0 is perfectly fine to use, but by using 4% or 6% you'll be exposing warmth will will show through after a few weeks when the tone has depleted. You don't have to use the pure naturals if there's another shade you prefer as you get up to 100% white coverage across the whole range.
I personally would consider using colour touch instead though, as this will still give up to 50% white coverage, but it will also avoid warmth being exposed when the tone depletes.
I really appreciate this information. Both about the 4/0 and Colour Touch. I am looking into that now. Thank you.
Were the information they gave you? I dont see any replies

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