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May 6, 2004
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Do you keep a record of names of people who dont turn up to apointments or cancel last minute.

I have started to and wondered if you could then circulate it as a black list between other salons/technicians so as persisnt offenders can be avoided???

you could put in your information that you do this to cover your self.
I keep a list for myself at the back of my appt book for clients who miss appts, and if they choose to come and book another one, i ask for a 50% deposit.

I don't think it would be at all professional of us to 'circulate' their names to other salons, I think this would just create bad feeling....just my opinion
I didnt mean for the list to public knowledge, just to serve as a check llist for technicians so taht if a name that is on the list as a persistna canceller ect then you would be forwarned to the fact, that way if they then cancel with you once you know not to re-book them on the 2nd time without a depsit which in the long run could save you cancellation time.
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