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I need to get CC/DC payments into my salon, has anyone any experience of using the company "Chip and Pin Solutions"?

I see some geeks have used Santander, but when I enquired, they couldn't tell me if I'd be accepted and that I should open a business bank account 1st.

HSBC will not do it as it is a new business venture and merchant account is a credit facility.

Any feedback would be great, thanks.



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I use Cardsave they give excellent rates and the customer service is excellent !! X
Thanks Theden, I'll check it out.

I also use cardsave x

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I started a thread about this recently and was going to look into Costco Merchant Services (which I still haven't done) but someone recommended Paymentsense. If you search threads started by me, there's a phone number.
Thanks everyone, I'll have a look, it's a bewildering choice as you know. The ones I've tried so far won't touch a new business.

Catch 22 I suppose!