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May 26, 2012
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I have never worked in the beauty industry, therefore have no experience. I have a list of beauty courses that I would like to do, the first being 'nail technician' I'm looking for a course that would qualify me to work from home or from a salon. I work full time therefore unable to attend a college during the day, grateful for any advice and any recommended training establishments.
When it comes to Nail Technician training I personally have tried a few providers and I would recommend Creative. Sweet squared run Creative training courses, give them a call on 0845 210 6060 and they will give you all the info (they are lovely!).
And have a look at this link:


I did my NVQ beauty training through my local college on an evening course. I felt this gave me time to build up my skills over the weeks and have plenty of people to practise on. I was lucky we had a good tutor. A good tutor is the main thing whatever type of course you do.

Good luck I hope things go well for you. Career changing is exciting!
I did an NVQ 2 Beauty Therapy evening course at my college. It took 2 years and its a lot of hard work but it was so worth it in the end. After I qualified I then took on training sessions with Fake Bake for spray tans and I have just trained with Nail Harmony for Nails. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have HD Brows and LVL Lashes under my belt.
The best thing about this industry is that you are always learning. Its worth getting subscriptions to professional magazines such as Scratch and Professional Beauty as you will be able to keep up to speed with all the new products and services coming out.
Good luck!! x

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