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Apr 7, 2012
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I'm currently studying a degree Business Management and will be starting my final year in September. Although I'm a full time student, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm therefore thinking of taking some courses and work part time as a mobile beauty technician (another alternative would be working out of my spare bedroom or joining forces with a friend who is running a clothing and accessories boutique in my town and offer services from the shop). At the moment I would be able to spare ca £500 on training and equipment, so that would be my starting capital. I would be able to add more capital in the autumn however.
My question is: where should I start? I am very interested in nails, and would like to learn gel extensions. Could I take a course in this with no prior experience? I would also like to do eyebrows, and I'm interested in becoming a HD brow practicioner. I do however understand that HD brows is a sales gimmick, and that experienced therapists can do eyebrow tidies to a higher level than some HD brow therapists, but would this course be a good place to start out? Or should I opt for a traditional eyebrow course?
Which services do you reccommend I offer to start with, that are ideal for someone starting up and are achievable within my budget?

I was in the exact same position as yourself. In my final year of my law degree I decided I wanted to pursue a career in beauty. As I am impatient and couldn't wait till I graduated, I started doing short courses. My first course was spray tanning and I would def recommend it as a good one to start with. I built up a small client base and then added waxing and s.p. eyelashes. I graduate in June and hope to rent a room when I have completed my nail courses and got more experience.

£500 is probably enough for 1 short course and you can do more when you get the revenue. If i could give you any advice it would be: Remember that you need to practice lots before taking payment!! Then, i would suggest you start with nails and get lots of pics up on Facebook to build a client base. You also need to get yourself insurance.

If you are passionate about a career in beauty, go for it! I have not looked back. And we can both always use our degrees in the future.

Best of luck

I forgot to add: the hd eyebrow course is pretty expensive and I think you need your basic waxing qualification. (not sure) I think nails is your best option.
White Rose beauty centres are based all over the uk. You can do a level 2 which comprises of manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, eye treatments and makeup for around £1500 including all the materials such as towels and tools. You can then do a level 3 which includes stuff like massage and indian head massage.

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