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Nov 21, 2011
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Hi Ladies,

Probably not a new thing but i've only just started looking at Caviar nails - anyone tried this yet?

I've just ordered some beads so am going to give this a try with Gelish as soon as they arrive but just wondered if anyone has experimented yet?
Hiya there's a few threads on this iv just ordered just to have a go with, if you do a search lots of useful information comes up, can't wait to get mine and have a play!
I have... Only few days ago tho lol!
Was struggling using Gelish 😁 (so any tips would be grateful too 😊)
but worked well with normal polish.... but clients are gonna want them to last and don't think they will will normal polish?
So I used resin on top of one of my own nails with Gelish on and they still stuck hard today.
Am loving them 😊
If you search this has several topics going x
I tried with shellac they looked great till I tried to top coat then they looked awful lol x
I tried with shellac they looked great till I tried to top coat then they looked awful lol x

Lol! I tried that too...
That's why I tried resin and activator in the end lol!
Did u put beads on top of second coat of colour then cure?
Might try putting them on top coat but it's how you remove sticky layer?? hmmm!

There's a piece on them in this months scratch but only with normal polish 😔
I'm not sure about how to do it with shellac or gelish dont know if it would work because as you say you cant remove the sticky layer, with polish though the steps are:
Base coat all nails
First colour coat all nails
Second colour coat on one nail
Sprinkle beads on whilst wet a press into to polish
Repeat on each nail
Apply top coat along the very tip of the free edge to help with durability
Leave to dry for at least 15-20 mins to make sure all beads are secured
This is my first attempt at caviar nails

I used the polish as normal and a clear top coat but next time im going to float a gel top coat over to seal it in

Let me know what you think



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thanks ladies

I didn't know there were threads on this already I must have missed them so will do a search now.

those look amazing!!

totally see your points about not being able to remove the tacky layer if you do a gel top coat - I THINK I read somewhere that you do colour coats as normal, then a structure gel coat on top, sprinkle beads then cure and then top coat the free edge only and remove tacky from free edge!!

i'll be having a play with all scenarios and see what happens - good luck all x

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