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Jun 12, 2011
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Hey :) I'm not even a shellac user, I'm trained in O.P.I Gelcolor but a girl just popped up on my facebook offering shellac for £7. I know bluesky has had to take "Shellac" taken off from the bottles but clearly this company hasn't! How annoying!
Its a shame on all the people that think there getting genuine shellac.

cco polish.jpg

Hope my pic worked lol xxxx
I think there are too many threads about this sort of thing. We all need to get on and run our own decent salons and forget what the cowboys out there are doing. Posting on here just gives these companies publicity.
You make a good point juicy lucy lol I'm just going to not let it bother me an continue with my business. xxx
Interesting that this one can be led cured when we all know shellac can't :)
I use OPI Gel Colour too :)

She's using a knockoff brand and charging cheap prices, you have trained with and are using quality products.

She will attract the type of customers that you don't want, so don't worry xx

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