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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
I was just looking through some images of nail art and some pictures came up of a proper certificate(s)

I'm interested to know whether it is something you would do?

The lady in question is obviously very talented. However, in this day and age I am not sure whether I would add them on my website incase of cyber theft iykwim. What do you think?
Hi i think putting certificates on your website is a good idea from the point of view that people can see just how talented you are:) BUT i do agree with you that the cyber theft would be a concern thats why if you did such a thing i think it would be advisable to use a website provider that protects your content ie you can not click on the pic right click and just copy :irked: im afraid the internet is a great resource for all kinds of people including the people that just want to rip you off and get something for nothing:irked:

Sorry if im straying from the point but my answer would be yes but only if i knew my content was protected from online theives.:green:
No I wouldn't post them on my site (if I had one lol) I always take them with me on first appointments though.
I don't like to think that someone could just cut and paste them and add their own name.
I have not put any actual certificates on my website, but I have just mentioned the certificates that I have obtained.With a general picture of a diploma next to it.
I always have badges on my uniform stating some of the qualifications and I always offer to show clients my certificates and also my insurance certificates.
I am happy with this and dont think I would put my actual certificates on my site.
I wouldn't like the idea of someone being able to copy my certificates from a website and edit it to suit themselves, so if i was going to put them on a website i would scale them down quite a bit (so that they can't enlarge them and see every little detail) and i would also put a watermark across them (as far as i know these cannot be removed - although i am not 100% sure, so would only do it if i was 100% sure someone could not copy paste and edit my certs)
I've never felt the need to put pics of my certificates on my site but if i did i'd have watermarks across them....i know it is possible to remove them but theres not much else you can do!

I dont think it's wise to post certificates for many reasons.
While I do think it's adviseable to mention them, and perhaps either a) display them in your salon or B) put them in a portfolio with pictures of your work to show to new clients or potential employers.

Just my 2cents

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