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Mar 10, 2016
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Wanting some advice on what tan professionals would recommend. I have been using celebrity bronze for the last 6 years and never had a problem all my clients love it. I came to make a order this morning and on the website it's saying no orders can be made till September that's 7 months away. I need to either find another distributor for this tan or try a new range. Most my clients like to be dark. Has any
One any advice for me
I use St Tropez and absolutely love it. They have just changed the formula to smell, last and take to the skin better. There are so many out there though. How about going round and having spray tans with different brands and see what you like? X
I second st Tropez, it's a great tan and well known amongst clients. They have different solutions and home care products to retail. X
Another for St Tropez. I've used it now for 8 years and I do a huge amount of tans a week it's my most popular treatment I'm yet to encounter any problems or complaints. I mostly only use the express solution and charge premium for it and everyone loves it!
I love fake bake, personally I use the original, but they have a few different options with fake bake gold, 60minute tan and fake bake darker xx
I also use St Tropez x x
We are the distributor for B Gorgeous BLACK Violet based solution [emoji106] Our NKD dark and 14% Organics will also do the trick RED based solution, good luck [emoji41]

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