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Mar 11, 2023
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Hi Salon Geeks :)

I posted a few months ago about wanting to change careers but I was unsure of the timing - being 37 and wanting children. I was, at the time, suffering from burnout from a job that I’d totally lost interest in but provided me with a great salary and a lovely lifestyle. A few members gave me some really invaluable advice - so thankyou!

My situation has changed since my last post in that I am now almost 4 months pregnant which I am over the moon about with the only downside meaning I’ve had to return to the job I hate in order to make the most of the (meager!) maternity pay.

I am still very passionate about the beauty industry and convinced this is the industry that I’d like to work in the long-term with a view to becoming an advanced facialist eventually. Although my route to get there has had to be rethought! I have done some further research on courses by various providers and came across the “Become a Facialist” course by Skin Philosophy Training which is predominantly online. I would have a level 2 OFQUAL qualification (on the website it mentions VTCT) when completed.

My question is, has anyone completed this course or similar by the training provider? Or does anyone have any knowledge of this training provider? I would like to get a good grounding in the few months I have before baby arrives and continue my training in the second half of my maternity in level 3 courses.

Thank you so much if you got this far :)
I haven't done this course, but do think their courses look good. I did VTCT Facials 2 and 3 over a year, I was a similar age and also changing from a job I hated, the only thing stopping you is yourself...I'm confident with my treatments etc but not confident putting myself out there on IG (which is a big driver of business for me) because I don't have 20 yrs experience but you have to just get on with it !
I’ve not trained with Skin Philosophy but I have read their advanced course Syllabus with great interest.

What I would say is that I would absolutely not recommend level 2/3 training without a substantial face to face element for anyone planning to provide touch treatments personally. Yes there is theory and that can be done online, but on a face to face course you would usually practice touch treatments every day that you are in class. It might be efficient to consolidate that time, but it isn’t sufficient to teach new learners.

These courses are usually used for people who need a working knowledge of treatments but are not going to be providing these services themselves. A spa manager perhaps, with a hotel management background. Nurses often do these fast track courses before going into injectable treatments. They are not going to be offering lovely facials, but they do need to cover the syllabus of a level 3 course so that they have context for recommending their own services and understanding what else their clients might be doing elsewhere. These courses are also used by skincare companies who may recruit sales staff from cosmetic brands who may have done a make up course originally. Again the intention is not to provide services to clients, just to have a knowledge base so they can speak to therapists about the skincare company’s own products and facials.

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