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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Hi Girls / Guys,

I'm thinking (very early days) about putting together a charity evening locally to me (think Lakeside, Essex) and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me.

I haven't looked into it too much as yet but I do know that the room in the local hotel I've looked at (it's tres nice) is £100 for 4 hours which does seem to be about the going rate. I don't know if it will all add up but I am asking technicians/therapists to donate their time but you will be given something towards the cost of your products. I also thought that it would be great advertising for us if we had techs from slightly different areas. We could also promote what to look for in reputable salons and sell some retail products and obviously we would keep this money as we've already paid out for it.

I'm also looking at approaching local businesses to donate stuff like tea and coffee and I thought that we could also have a raffle. But rather than having the usual bottle of wine & chocolates as prizes, us generous technicians and therapists could donate treatments or vouchers. So, for example, 1st prize could be £50 worth of vouchers or treatments and this would then be with whichever tech/therapist lived near the winner. To do it this way all of us would have to be in agreeance that we are prepared to do this but it would possibly get more clients through our doors.

So, I know it's extremely sketchy, but I would like to know if any of you would be interested and also if any of you have any great ideas. I'm looking for nail techs / beauty & skin pros / hair geeks - all of you really!!! I've posted this in chit-chat as well (I did it there first) but I wasn't too sure how many of you look in there so I hope the moderators won't tell me off for putting it here as well!!!
I'd be more than happy to donate my time, and raffle prizes
Do you have a date (roughly) in mind?
Thanks Jen. :hug: Just a few more needed now! Come on girls!! :Kissing:
To be honest i dont find these evenign really wok that well. the ones that have are the ones were you pay for a table eg£10 and do small pampering treatments and offer small gifts for raffles
scatty's right, those kind of evenings do work well!
Ok, so can I get a few opinions from people on whether they work or not? Obviously I don't want to waste my time and effort and I wouldn't want any of you to waste yours either. And, to be honest, if they don't usually work well I'd rather put my expertise somewhere else!!!!

Have any of you ever been to something like his or maybe participated in one where it's been a huge success or been a complete disaster?!!! I'd like to hear from you all and then I can make my decision as to whether to proceed.

Thanks scatty for your honesty!!
I know my mum would probably be intrested she lives in Ilford and runs her own salon Pure Beauty (Pure Beauty --)

She done something sort of similar before (£10 for a table for an event that only lasted 2 hours :() that was a waste of time however the idea of donating treatments as prizes sounds like a great idea.

If you make a descion to go ahead I will speak to her. She doesnt use the internet as shes a bit of a technological phobic :p!!!
Ok, great. Thanks Ami. I will definitely let you know if I decide to go ahead.
The pampering treatments go down really well before xmas with the £10 table thing as long as they a re marketed right. Ive been to ones all over essex and some are well organized and you take loads and Ive been to others that haven't Deon anything apart from note round the school to parents and not done anything. We had craft people and jewelry nd handbags and beautiful cards at the best ones and they a ll gave small gifts from their stock be it a treatment or a lovely smelly candle.


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