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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Hi, Right i am going to cut to the chase here :? Can you be good at doing L&p when you have not got a good brush? I have good brushes for gel nails flat ,small headed. But my L&P brush is not doing what i want it to :x
Is there a good cheap brush? or are they all so well expensive ?
hi lesley

there is a saying you only get what you pay for and in my case it was true i used cheaper brushes and my nails were not up to scratch i saved bought myself a master series brush and my l&p application changed straight away my smile lines now smile :D i get great shape and great product application must be doing it right or else i don't think ruth would be letting me do her nails ;)

In the long run you will spend more on cheaper brushes so you are better off to get a good one

Hope this helps
Is any violin good enough for a concerto? Depends on the quality of sound you can afford.

In my o so humble opinion... your brush is the most important tool in creating nail enhancements.
Ever had one of those days where the polymer fairy left a little surprise in your brush for you? Nothing major... just a little package of pure love... enough to drive you bonkers throughout the day?

I let no one... and I mean no one come near Bob. Last thing I need to worry about during a demo is that he was left askew in his worm coffin by some unsuspecting previous person.

On that note... A Master Series brush is mega bank and will work just as well as a Crystal Touch series. Master series are designed for pro techs and will save money in the long (not short) run.
If you are feeling the pinch o funds... Skip going the MS route for now... but ensure you do invest in a quality brush.

Hope this helps
Thanks Geek,
I will save for a crystal series brush. :( My funds are high, but income low so i may have a way to go :)
sawaswdee ka

I do not know much about master serious brush because i have not see one .

But i know about cheap brush made in korea i use 1 before .

I just have from America kolinsky American brush and you can buy for about 13 to 15 dollar oval round or flat and i know not a master serious but better then a very cheap brush that you not happy while you make some money buy what you want .

Kop khun ka mui
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