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Jan 12, 2003
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Do any of you discerning :D ladies offer childrens parties as one of your services?

If so:-

1. Do you charge a set price or do you charge per child?
2. How do you organise your time ie, do you play games, do nail art?
3. Do you give the children party bags, if so what do you put in them?
4. For the UK ladies, how much do you charge?
5. Do you think it's worthwhile?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts/ideas
Hey Dellie, I came across this whilst looking for nail stuff on yahoo. Might be of some help

Hi Adele,

I do kids parties, not very many though - I charge from £5.95 per child and all get a party bag or £3.95 and only the birthday girl gets a bag. Min age 8 max no. 10. I do a mini manicure and varnish - usually I offer hand painted art like tigers or Zebras or mood changing varnish.

They are quite popular but hard work. I do them almost at a loss as the contents of the party bags are - cuticle oil, body glitter, scented varnish, nail file and some sweets plus of course my brochure. The idea is to get the mums to come and have their nails done lol.
I offer them, I charge $7.00 U.S. per child. They get polish, and can choose 4 nail designs total. 2 on each hand, then they get double topcoated, and instead of a party bag, I gave them an ankle bracelet or some other piece of jewelry. I limit the designs to 4 because of time constraints. I bought the ankle bracelts off of ebay for $3.95 I think for a quantity of 12. They were a HUGE hit. the girls loved them and thought they were totally cool. Didn't cost me much for that, and they loved it! It's a lot of work, but I want it to be worth my while. I do give them a little token for coming but I leave the party bags to the birthday girl's mom, or whoever. It has worked really well for me!!!!
Best of Luck!
Thanks girls

Fiona, how do you make any money, phew :shock: Where do you get your bits and pieces from?

I think the idea of a small gift is great for the slightly older child, however, I think I would be linched by the littlies if they didn't walk away with some form of party bag :D

I was thinking along the same lines as you lot, as in charging per child, but do you guys put a minimum price on the party ie, if only 5 children turn up.

Cheers, Adele
Hi Adele,

I buy my contents at the shows if I see offers - I use the Ferity range of kids polish and glitter - I think I got them for less than 50p each as a show offer once. I buy empty oil bottles and fill them so keeping costs down and I get little files from Nailorder. The idea is not to make a lot of money doing these - it is to educate kids to become clients later and also to get their mums.
Thanks for that.

Do Ferity do a catalogue/have a telephone number/website or something. Who normally stocks these as I've never heard of them (however, I've never been looking for childrens products before either :D )

Ferity is distributed through Graftons. 01543 480100
thanks for that, Fiona

My kiddies parties consist of up to 10 kids that get very simple nail art, a goody bag that contains a cheap natural nail file, mini polish (pack of 4 for 99p from Asda) and a couple of stick on transfers. Whilst mum is preparing party food I give a little mini manicure demo, filing correctly, applying polish (they can use the stuff from their goody bags) Then one by one i do the art. I also give mum a complimentary £5.00 gift voucher redeemable from certain treatments (full set of extensions) I charge £50.00 for 2 hours.
Thanks for that, Amanda.........your information is really useful.

Have you been doing them for long and what is the response?

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