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Luxury Beauty

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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hiya everyone
I was just wondering if anyone is a mobile or working from home that have a chip and pin machine and if so what are the charges like?I am thinking of opening an account with abbey national but they wouldnt tell me the merchant charges until the account has been opened.

Also does anyone accept payments on their website i.e for a shop or anything and how did you incooperate the payment onto the website?Its just that im designing my shop and i was just going to offer paypal but the problem that alot of people were finding is that you have to open an account with it quite easy to use the merchant services online or do you have to use other software or use other shopping carts like Roman Cart?

I would be very grateful for any info!!!
Luxury Beauty:)
hi, am not mobile but my machine is just in case then if i do a wedding etc
i joined the fsb and got mine half price the fsb was £100 per year and if you open a account with yorkshire bank you get free banking and £25 per year back all through fsb plus lots of other things like 24 hour legal help line my machine is from streamlinethey both have web sites the lady i spoke to at steamline was very halpfull hope this helps :) (sorry dont know about the on line bit)

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