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Hannah Butland
Oct 18, 2014
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Just wondered if I could pick your brains for Christmas Retails Ideas...

I have a home-based salon so don't usually keep a lot of stock as I don't have the space. I am also a 'homemade' type of person.

Can anyone recommend items that I can buy to put into little retail packs. I am struggling for cute little things for nails and body. Have made lovely gift vouchers but my clients like to buy gifts for their loved ones and I would like to provide something that you wouldn't find in any old shop!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

H x
I totally agree with you! Unique, fun and original... Over the years our clients look forward to our Holiday items! One of our clients started making a Hand Salve that was such a hit, we now use it exclusively for our pedicures. Her Company is called Katherine Rose's Closet. Another hot item we sell is "Baby Foot"! It went viral this spring on the Today Show. We can't keep it in stock! Check out the
We had great testimonials from last Christmas for this product!

Yours In Service,
Kathleen are a company based in Carshalton Surrey. They make some of their products including items made with lavender grown in Carshalton, soaps, smellies, creams. You can get a wholesale account at Sometimes what I do is I make my own lip balms, there are loads of recipes on the internet. I buy the little push-up lip balm containers and put them in that.
Aw sounds lovely!

Thanks girls

H x

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