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Aug 28, 2003
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hi everyone, i was reading a few posts about christmas there and they were asking if anyone had any ideas for what to do for thier clients

well i was thinking why not write out some christmas cards and inside each one have something like......10% off of your next treatment, or some free nail art if getting a full set done, or a free mini bottle of polish etc....

then give one to each client between the 1st of december and your last working day before the 25th, but date the offers for something like must be used between 1st jan and 31st jan and the card must be presented for to get the offer.

if you wanted you could put one big thing like a full set of nails with nail art in one of the cards and only small offers in the rest and put them all in a bag and get your clients to choose one, so its the luck of the draw as to who gets the big gift :)

you could also advertise what you are doing and maybe get yourself some new clients :)

i'm sure all your client would be over the moon to receive a christmas gift from you, especially if the got the big gift.
Hi Ann

I really love the idea re the Xmas cards with a variety of gifts and one/two biggies. That would create a real feeling of excitement and great for those of you with regular customers to keep them coming back.

New salon opening TOMORROW!! Panic, so if I get any regular customers will use that for xmas!

Thanks for that.
;) Lesleyx
great idea with xmas cards love it might have to use that one :D :D

GOOD LUCK with the opening of your salon lesley :thumbsup:
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