Christmas Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan


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Mar 22, 2005
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Hi Guys

As the season is well under way for the spray tans for the Christmas parties, just thought I'd throw in a few tips:

make sure you have given your clients the correct pre tan advice especially when telling them what to wear, strongly advise against thick socks and boots to wear home afterwards, loose dark baggy clothes will given the best protection to a freshly applied tan.

don't do what I did yesterday ( and after 6 years or so of spray tanning, I should know better lol!!) I had a tan to go out last night, last minute engagement so no time to prepare the day before etc. . . wore a pair of hold ups and then after washing the colourguide off this morning I notice I have tiger stripes from the grips of the hold ups around the tops of my legs! The tan will take more on areas where you have any tight banding, eg socks, bras, tight waistlines etc!

really emphasise that moisturising is the key to keeping your tan looking good for as long as possible - especially in the winter season when our skins are at the mercy of the central heating and the elements!

ensure you have plenty of solution stocked for Christmas and the New Year parties, you cannot rely on next day delivery from couriers who tend to take on more temp staff this time of the year, and unfortunately, this is the time of year that things do very often go wrong - don't be left un prepared and in a panic!!!!!

make sure you never forget to blend the areas around the hands, wrists and feet so you don't get that awful tide line that can be so common with poorly applied tans!

protect the soles of the feet with sticky feet so they don't end up being browner than a bottle of HP sauce!

offer deals for the other half to have a spray tan too! make bookings for couples as he/she will probably have planned nights out too and won't want to be looking as white as the promised snow when your clients are looking beautifully bronzed!

send texts and / or emails out to everyone on your client list wiching them a happy Christmas and remind them of your opening times and contact number!!!!

Have fun and happy spraying!!!

Mandy xx
Thanks for the tips Mandy

What way do you blend around the hands, wrists and feet?
When spraying down the inside of the arms, always ensure the spray is tapered off away from the wrist area and when you have finished your spraying, take some couchroll or towelling buff mitt and wipe the edges of each hand firmly and blend the wrist area to ensure there is an even area going from a tanned arm to a non tanned underside of the wrist.

Take a moment to also wipe each nail individually on fingers and toes.

Do the same on the feet too, reach behind the clients heels, wiping forward to the toes down the side of each foot.

Going the extra mile can make a world of difference to how a spray tan can turn out! It leaves the client wanting to come back for more and sets you above the salons / techs who do a slap dash job!

Mandy x
great tips to remember, thankyou

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