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Kika Mani D'Oro

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Oct 18, 2010
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Rome, Italy

Im a CIBTAC and CIDESCO trained therapist and am new to salon geek! I trained in the UK but currently live in Rome, Italy and have worked in a number of 5 star hotel spas out here. After sufficiently learning the language and gaining more confidence, my boss has asked me if my qualifications are suitable in Italy to become responsible in the spa. ie. the spa working under my name as you have to put a name forward for liscensing reasons etc. and also gaining supervisor responsibilities in the spa.
I would like to know if anyone could help me with this one? I contacted CIDESCO but they are yet to respond. Also, as im a bit of a novice in this field (always a therapist, never in charge!) I would like to know if its the same in England or anywhere else? Do you need to work under someones name? And does that person need to have more qualifications or things than just a CIDESCO/NVQ/CIBTAC? I thought CIDESCO would be as you can work internationally? (The reason why i took it!)

:confused: Please help! Love Kika x
CIDESCO is an internationally recognised qualification... I'm surprised your boss doesn't know that.

I'm not really understanding your question... You work for a 5 star hotel/spa, and your boss wants to put the spa under your name but doesn't know if your qualifications are relevant? When you say put it under your name, do you mean you then become the registered business owner? Or just they want to transfer you from one role to another, more senior role? I would have thought if you were CIDESCO qualified and they already had a spa running there, then other than checking your qualifications and insurance (which I'd have thought would be covered under their business anyway) then you should be good to go. I know some countries require you to be licensed through their local government too which involves working for X numbers and proving your qualified but I'm not sure what else and I don't know if Italy has that kind of system.

Sorry if I haven't understood properly, I'm sick today and feeling a bit thick with it - my brain is mush!
When I began working here the general manager of the hotel checked my qualifications and it was all fine. Im not sure about in the UK but here a qualified therapist, in order to do business with external clientele and not just that of the hotel, needs to have put their name forward as "responsabilé" of the spa. She asked me whether I knew any more information on my qualification being ok for that position, and not just a therapist. Thanks for your help anyway :)
Yes CIDESCO is worldwide recognised , its the qualification you need to be able to work abroad as some of the exam boards like itec or cibtac are not internationaly known. Im wondering does the manager think that if your cidesco trained that your trained for the role they are looking for you to undertake ??? that there is managerial training ect ??? . You need to ask to be sure , and state what cidesco is. They are usually very helpful if you ring them ,and are fast with emails.

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