Clarins phone interview - does anyone know what questions are asked?


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Oct 20, 2015
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North East, UK
I applied for the position of Specialist at Clarins and I have a telephone interview tomorrow and just wondered if anyone knows what questioned are asked?
Just make sure you've done some research on the company. It doesn't matter what job or company your applying with, it will always impress if you appear to have done some homework on the company & position. Be enthusiastic when talking about the brand. Good luck. X
I used to work for Clarins, a few years ago mind! They just asked the usual-how you have gone above and beyond for a client, strengths as a therapist, weaknesses, what you enjoy/don't enjoy, why you want to work for them, what you know about the brand. Good luck-you'll be great!x
Thank you both for replying, it's helped alot :)The interview is tomorrow but they only emailed me today so I'm just a bit nervous as I would really like this job x

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