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Aug 1, 2023
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Hi all,
Wondering if anyone can advise, I have a garden room salon and I have a self employed therapist going to work on my days off, as I’ve got all the equipment and products she is going to work as a commission basis as we wouldn’t be able to house 2 lots of products, does anyone do this? And what commission would be a fair percentage to ask or would it be better to do a room rental ? Thanks for any advice
It’s whatever you feel is fair. Commission splits are usual if you’re providing some of the customers and the SE person is benefiting from the business your established salon generates. However if the SE feels that she’s basically working for you and not getting the income she deserves, she’ll leave.

60/40 or 50/50 is fairly typical, however at the end of the day you want enough money to make it worth your while and so does she. You need to think about rubbish generation and laundry as well as power use, plus the risk that she uses up stock/towels you need for the next day.

If it was me, I’d charge a room rental. When everything is provided tenants can be a bit wasteful and inconsiderate - you might also end up wondering is she’s helping herself to your stock for work she does on other days of the week.

There’s no need for you to provide her with a stock cupboard for her to store her stuff when she’s not there and it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear your stuff away temporarily. Why don’t you make a storage space in your house and just keep open products plus one spare in your salon? Leave the place clean and nice, provide all the equipment, an extra wax pot or two that fit your heater and some bowls and tell her to bring her own stuff and take her rubbish away with her.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to empty a trolley and either stash your open products in a lockable cupboard or take them home to create some space for her before you finish for the day. It will make it much easier for you both to clean and leave the salon nice for each other and you’ll be well paid for your efforts.

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