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Mar 25, 2003
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Hi All,

Not a nail question, but a PC question this time...

I'm sure some time ago someone starting a thread on how to clean up your PC using free downloads from a website.

They explained how when you visit a website a small piece of a spyware program attaches itself to your PC making it run slower.

I've tried searching for the thread but can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

My PC keeps saying it has insufficient memory and I'm wondering if this could be my problem as my boyfriend can't find any reason why it should be out of memory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


When I had some internet speed problems BT recommended Ad-aware & SpyBot programes both of which can be downloaded from the PC world site,fid,7423,00.asp this link will take you straight to the Ad-aware listing & further down the same page you will find a link to the SpyBot download

P.S. dont forget to clear your temporary internet files regularly as these can slow you down too & don't let the recycle bin get too full.

To keep you PC running in tip top fashion you should restore it at least once a year, ( meaning deleting every thing and starting again, using the disks provided with your PC).

Your PC will allways get clogged up with programs that have been installed and deleted (this often still leaves things on the PC) and with things you don't want like spy ware and viruses.

Make sure you back up everything that you want to keep before restoring using CD's, Floppy's or some other form of removable backup device.

Also make sure you have updated anti-virus and firewall programs from a reputable company like Norton.

P.S. I used to work for PC World and my husband still does :)
Thank you ladies,

I'll follow your advice. Hopefully, it will do the trick! :)

Many thanks,

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