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Apr 28, 2003
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I`m looking for a bit of help with client record cards for beauty treatments.
I did mine while I was still training and haven`t changed them since but I have different ones for all different treatments and find them a bit tedious now. I would like a card I can use for all treatments, is there anyone that can give me an idea as to what to put on it???????/
Why not combine the info on all cards on one A4 size card, hole punch the card and then keep in a nice Ringbinder................

I just revamped my cards and used the NVQ style taken from the Designer Nails Website...................

Just a thought and I have many lately
love Ruth xxx
Yeah I did think of that but there are so many things that are appropriate with one treatment but not in another that it made me wonder what everyone else did with they`re cards. If I did that I would have a list of contra-indications as long as my arm, I would like to make it more universal without cutting out anything important
Well love ,
why not do it in paragraph style ....
like a section for nails...........
and a section for beauty........
with a universal disclaimer at the bottom and the date and signiture......

just a thought
love Ruth xxx
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