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Sep 20, 2007
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west sussex
for those of you that are mobile,

where did you get your client cards from? for those of you that made up your own where did you get your template?

how are you filing them, do you take them with you, or update at home at the end of the day, also are you useing your pc to keep files aswell as paper?

as far as appointments go, are you useing a diary, or a salon size appointment book and /or your pc.

thanks for your time.
Im not mobile, but in my home salon I have treatment cards for nails, beauty, waxing and facials. I bought them all from Ellisons, they are about £4 for a big pack.:hug:
Hi there,
I use a mix of cards - my Indian Head Massage ones I designed myself and I am currently using standard record cards that I bought from Beauty Express that are general, waxing, perming/tinting and facial specific.
Once my stock of these is low I am going to start using my own design that I can adapt to cover all the info I want - also some follow-on cards for when the first card(s) is/are full.

When I'm working I take out the record cards I need for that day and also some spares - I've lost count of the times I've gone to do a waxing and a friend has been there too!

I don't keep client records on the pc other than their name and contact details. I have a PDA which is combined with a sat nav system on which I keep all my appointments plus I back this up to my Pc every night!

Hope all this helps - what a ramble!!

you can get cards from vistaprint, if you are careful you just pay for postage. but be very careful that you don't sign up for their surveys or £10 off next offer, as you inadvertandly sign up for a membership scheme and they take £10 out of your account every month.
the business cards are lovely, and you fill in a template, you can keep changing the card and it retains all your typed in info.

you can decide if you want anything on the back too, but usually costs a bit extra.

I get business cards, postcards, brochures and notepads from them. I also go in on the link I've given you above as its just p&p that you pay.
Thanks you have given loads of ideas.
Danielle x

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