Client hasn't paid me for nearly 2 weeks


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Aug 4, 2013
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Hi everyone.

Not sure what to do here but need advice..?
I'm mobile and have been doing this ladies nails for over a year. A few clients of mine are transferring money straight over to my account which is great and easy. This client normally pays me cash but this time hadn't got any money on her and was willing to run to the cash point while I set up for her treatment. I said " you can transfer the money over to my bank account if you like, save going out" After finishing her nails she had to rush off to pick her little boy up from school and I trusted after she said she would pay me later on that day. The weekend came and went and no payment. I messaged her and asked if she could pay me as I do my banking and tallying up on the Monday, hoping she would transfer the money over. No, still nothing! Left it a few days then messaged again(a week after her infill) Asking her politely if everything was ok.?.... She did reply to say her Nan had passed away unexpectedly and that she would pay me the following day in the morning. Morning came and still nothing!... I was a little annoyed as I'd seen her put photos on Facebook about her Saturday night out and since then people have tagged her in on things regarding work stuff and she did upload a photo of her son going away on holiday. I Have rang her twice now and no answer. Not sure what to do... This is getting to me now and not sure whether I'm over reacting? What do you think I should do geeks? Ps I'm not stalking her FB just what comes up on my newsfeed. She is also booked in for nails in 2 weeks but if she doesn't answer my calls or pay me it's going to be very awkward.!
If she is a regular (sounds like she is & normally reliable) I would leave it for now. Wait until her next appointment comes & just casually say "that's £xx for today & that includes the balance from last time" hopefully she will beat you to it & say something as soon as she arrives for her next appointment! Let us know how you get on! Good luck!! X
I also agree. At the end of the day we are all working professionals. Hopefully she will pay you up front the next time she comes
Assuming she turns up to the appointment....make sure she pays in full for both sets before you start work.
How come you let you clients transfer the money in your account? Sometimes it works for loyalty customers but others might take advantage.
If she doesn't pay I would just see it as a lesson learnt and never do her nails again. Its not fair on you.
It is difficult to say no as the modern way to pay is bank transfer or card, being a mobile therepist /hairdresser it's an easier and cheaper option to let people pay by transfer so I completely understand, I also have had this problem! And send various text message to the client , if she doesn't pay and doesn't rebook then unfortunetely you have to see it as a bad experience and just let regular clients pay this way, maybe stipulate when booking that cash is required ! Good luck x
Maybe text her and say that if she wants you to honour her appt, she needs to transfer the money she owes by a certain date or you will have to give her appointment to someone else who has requested the same time.

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