Client messed with her own hair now needs correction :/


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Jun 18, 2011
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Hi all :) especially Bluerinse if your reading this - i need your help!!

I have a client with a natural base around 8/1 and i normally use colour touch 5/73 as she prefers to be brunette.

Well she called me lastnight and told me sheepishly she had used colour b4 on her hair.:mad: Then a directions purple semi. Then she used another colour b4 as she didnt like it, this didnt budge much so she put a chocolate brown semi box dye (casting creme gloss) over it, hates it and wants me to put it right for her.

Well i went to investigate and it is like a 44/66 - with the roots to about 3 ins down being more mahogany toned than violet. Luckily her hair is still in realy good condition

So i was thinking bleach bath and then go in with 6/73 CT?

My brain is rather fried this morning due to a nasty sinus infection so please help!
Before even thinking of correcting have you looked at her scalp yet?
Thats alot of colour in a short space of time,could cause an overload and reaction?
Yes, i have checked and luckily her scalp doesnt seem to have suffered - your right though, it is a lot in a short space of time. Why oh why do they do these things!

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