Clients wanting extensions who have hair coloured


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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am speaking with a few ladies who are wanted weaves added to their own hair, but they also have their hair coloured. One is blonde and has highlights every six weeks - what is best to say to her, I would have thought to recommend that her hairdresser just do the top section of her hair, or should i be telling them to come to me to have the weave out, have the hair coloured, and then have the weave back in?
She should get the too section and front hairline done whilst weave is in, then on full refits leave them out for a day or so to get her full highlights then get them put back in.
I do same t section then six eight weeks later remove colour full head refit .. I do this with my own weave and recommend to clients too :)

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