CND almond cream minis?


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Nov 15, 2012
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hello! just wondering if CND ever sold mini almond creams? would love some for my clients xmas pressies?

also, is there a Solar Oil Poster from CND?

THANKS everyone :)
Don't think Cnd sells them in small sample versions. Scentsations lotions come in 59 ml as a smallest option.
I agree, I would love to buy more Cnd products in smaller sizes to promote them.
Hi, I think that the soothing creme or hydrating lotion can be used as a home care product but it's a bit pricy for a client present I think, have a look on the S2 website. I would look at the sensations hand lotions, the coconut and mango is my favourite :)

As for the poster I am not sure. I would call S2 on Monday and see what they say :)
Have a look for a post in the nail geek that has poster campaign in the title about an hour ago. Your second question is answer by Geeg there :)
Thanks so much everyone 😊

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