CND Shellac or Gelish for better coverage?

I am currently using Shellac and find some colours a bit wishy washy, I have tried 3 coats of colour but find it doesn't last as long. I looking at maybe getting Gelish aswell, does anyone know if Gelish is better coverage?

Thanks xx


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It seems like you are asking two things:

1. Which is better for opacity? I think this has more to do with ones ability to polish smoothly, regardless of the gel brand. From my research, Ive found that Shellac tends to be better formulated. But its still more about polishing ability, which is a real ability btw, meaning theres only one right way to polish.

2. Which one last longer? Shellac acts more like a very strong polish. So if regular polish last about 5 days, Shellac is 1.5x stronger, which is about 12-14 days. From my experience, Gelish is pretty strong. It last about the same as Shellac but just a little bit longer. But this also depends on how good you are at polishing and if you are using the correct curing lamps.

I have been using shellac since 2008 so I'm sure my ability is fine. I think some colours in shellac range do not have great coverage and when you do three coats it makes the finish thicker which doesn't last as long as the whole idea is to keep it thin. Just want to know what gelish coveridge is like.

I recently took up the Ikon.iQ Nails Prima brand. A big decider (among many) was that just one coat of colour pretty much does it. Faster service time, less faff and one bottle will go twice as far... what's not to like!

Having used it, and worn it myself, for a while now I have found it to be extremely hard wearing and it soaks off really fast.

At the moment it's all predominantly solid colours in the range with about 5 shimmer choices. There's no trick stuff such as cat eye polish or super blingy glitters and neons, plus there needs to be a few more autumnal shades. However, the colour range is still growing and I can make up custom glitter mixes so I've not run into any difficulties so far.

I've also gained three new die-hard clients from having it as they can't wear any other brands because of allergies.