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Aug 9, 2007
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West Mids
Hi Everyone

I just wondered if anyone had any advice for me. :)

I have enrolled at college to do the mani&pedicure course which starts soon, but I am also looking to do a course with creative after alot of research on this site and all the praise it has recieved. I have been on the Ellisons website and it does say that the CND foundation course is held there, but doesn't give any dates etc... does anyone know if CND are still holding Courses at Ellisons in Birmingham? and also what did you all do next after your foundation course with Creative? Do Creative teach all systems on the 5 day foundation?

Sorry for all the questions!

Any advice would be really appreciated

Many Thanks
Just give HQ a call on 0845 210 6060 and they will help you. x
Ok will do thank you for your reply.

Did you learn all the systems on the foundation course? and what did you all go on to do after?

Many Thanks :D
You learn one system on a foundation course, then when you're proficient and confident using that system you can do a 1 day conversion to another system, ie learn L+P on foundation course then go on to do a 1 day Brisa conversion.

Thank you for all your help. I have given them a call and they will be holding courses at Ellisons, but will get back to me with the dates. Really looking forward to it!! :D
Creative also hold courses in Ludlow (shropshire) about 1 1/2hour away from Birmingham, I highly recommend both the teacher and training there I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Hi Heidi :)

Thanks for your reply, thats useful info. I'm still waiting to hear about the course dates at Ellisons. If I cant do it there then I will travel to Ludlow. What ever it takes!!! :green: x
good luck with your training
hi , i booked on a course at birmingham but then was moved to ludlow because of all the change around with hyperion group to sweet squared.i stayed over for the first three days at a b and b run by jenny richardson who also runs the creative academy.all i can say is definitely go for it she is wonderful and makes you feel at ease and very homely.maz who will be your tutor is fab(they run the academy together).Its one of the best things i have done in my career.hths and good luck!x:lol:x
Thank you all for your replies, I really hope its at Ellisons as it would be better for me to travel to. It should take me about an hour from where I live. Creative gave me the number for Jenny who is going to get back to me this week after a meeting. I really want to get it booked and started :) Was the training really intensive? There is a salon where I live renting rooms out at the moment, If I had the training and felt confident enough Id go for it. Im just scared that after I've done all the training I wont get any clients as there are quite a few NSS Nail bars round here and I know alot of people go to them :irked: Do you think creative will let us know about the popit system on the course? xx
hi jenny, it only took an hour and a half driving from just outside birmingham.I would definitely advise you to stay for the first three days as it is intensive and you do get homework.There were six other girls on my course and they drove from all over and didnt stay and were knackered from the driving and not getting any time to do homework.Its so peaceful and you get me time which i think is essential so you can concentrate.I was very worried about staying away from my family but you know what ? I loved it and because i was on my own i could put my all into my course thats probably why i got 95% pass rate on my pratical! so put your worries to one side book your course and go for it ,you will love it!!!!!!:green:x
I would like to do the creative nail course, but live in surrey, is there anywhere near this where i could do it.
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