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Jul 13, 2007
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Hi guys,

as you can tell im new to this, i have done my CND creative course a few months back, and i cannot get to grips with it. i feel as if i need to watch the application getting done again, im spending money going to nail salons to watch and see how they do it, but this is so confusing.

has anyone seen the CND Education video? is any good? where can i get one from/price ??

i feel like i need to watch this getting done again, because i feel im doing sumthing wrong.

advice much appreciated xxx

I don't know how much the video is but I beleive it's in the Hyperion Group Catalogue so have a look in there if you've got it. Otherwise you could always book a one to one with your educator and explain what you need help with, Im sure that would be worthwhile. Read the tutorials on this site and Gigi Rouse's 'Nailclass' book explains all aspects of doing enhancements and is small so you can refer back to it as you're actually practising them which is great help. Good Luck,

I would call the centre you trained at and explain the problems that you're having.................I'm sure that they'll be only too pleased to help. Afterall, if you weren't up scratch, they wouldn't have passed you. So, ask them if you can just watch one of their people for a morning rather than have to pay for more training at this stage in the game. Better still, see if there's a Creative geek near to you who will mentor you. then once you feel confident, pay it forward.
thanks girls for your advice/

ive tried mailing CND and explaining i would like a one to one, but they keep saying i would be better doing a skill builing course, but i do feel that i need someone to tell me off.

i would love someone to mentor me, i would pay them good money. :wink2:

so anyone who lives in liverpool and wants to help me, give me a shout, xx

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