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Nov 15, 2006
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just a little per your advice i looked up a few colleges that are vtct or whatever it is and emailed them about part time courses.

and the only one that emailed me back is on the other side of london, sooo far away.

how disappointing.
email them again -making sure you are emailing to the departments that are open over the summer.sometimes they are abit slow, and dont understand that once you have decided to do a course you want to do it- now! do they have any open evenings coming up? most colleges have theres at the end of term (june/july) and another in september. part time courses do not tend to start until around the 17th of september onwards and are roll on roll off, so that if the first is fully booked, you can get on the next one, unless its a 35 week course.
Goodluck xx
where in london do you live and what would you like to study?

alot of college staff are away over the summer so responses will be a bit slower
hey sorry for late reply

i want to do beauty therapy course nvq2. waxing, facials,etc...
i dont mind doing them as modules either.

iv just completed a pedi course with creative, going to do mani next month.
and i dont know what the diff is betw nvq and vtct. (im not from uk) and finding it very confusing, what is and isnt right for studies.

i could just complete my distance learning course and get certificate, bt then i have to work for someone so i can learn prac and get nvq or do assessment.

bt no one will hire me if i dont have loads of practical experience.
VTCT is an awarding body for beauty quals (there are quite a few different bodies). An NVQ is a system whereby you gain competence by completing assessments throughout the course, as opposed to being assessed on one/two days at the end of the will also have unit written exams for each module, and be required to complete assignments and possibly case studies.Many colleges offer a VTCT NVQ.
Hths x
SO is an NVQ is better than a VTCT? i live in north london at the moment but will probably relocate when i get a new day.
VTCT is just the awarding body. you can do a VTCT course on an NVQ programme ie you study for your quals and do the assessments, and at the end of the course you get a VTCT accredited qualification. other awarding bodies include city and guilds, CIBTAC, IHBC, any or all of these may be obtained on an NVQ programme.

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