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Jul 11, 2015
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Okay so my sister wants her hair like the picture I think like 5rv or 6rv..?
I did only the hair from the occipital bone and down to the hair like only to see what it looked like.
So I went with a 6rv with 30 vl wella
Her natural color may be a 4 or 3.
It is darker than the picture tho what should I do... maybe color 10 ash before and then apply a demi? We don't want to bleach ... I am willing to use other brands too :)


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Is her hair Virgin or coloured ?
Virgin level 3 maybe 4
Sorry, but I'm really confused by your post.

You say you only coloured from below the occipital bone to see what it looked like. Wouldn't it have been better to have done strand tests instead with different colour mixes, if you were unsure how to proceed? That way you can see which mix works best and ensures less product wastage by having to re-do it.

What colour line did you use? I know Matrix and Goldwell use letters but you mention using Wella developer. You really shouldn't mix brands if you want to get the best results from your colour line.

Also, what do you mean by 'we don't want to bleach'? I don't wish to be dismissive, but some less knowledgable hairdressers seem to think they should use bleach and 40 vol developer to get a speedy lift so no wonder the hair becomes compromised. If you use bleach sensibly, it's often much better for the hair than using say, a highlift and 40 vol.

Finally, why would you want to put a level 10 ash on it?
If it's a virgin level 3, what do you think the level 10 will achieve?
I am sorry. I only used wella. My intentions were to do different test strands, but my sister didn't want to take the time. I know I should have stood my ground but she is my teenage sister so what the heck lol. And as for the bleach I'd preferred not to use it. She is really impatient and wouldn't want to take the time .I am a beginnet at hair coloring but I am not scared to use lightners. About the 10 a. The lady that does my hair applies 9A with with 25vl . And it takes out most of the red it looks kinda gold brownish and than applies an 8 bc.and I love it...
I would use a 6vv It comes out like the pictures u have shown. A 6rv is actually quite red!

This is 6vv
Okay thank you all ..

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