Color foil placement


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Nov 2, 2013
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Modesto, Ca
How would you place your foils to achieve this look??
I would use splices and pant straight into the scalp on the hairline.. It will look very stripey over the parting
yep, bear in mind that you can't see the parting in the photo, it will look quite stripy! i agree with slices though, but i would probably weave when getting near to the top xx
Is there any technique to get this look? Besides doing slices. Where the foils are placed? Certain angles? Any tips?
It literally looks like the splices go from the forehead back to the crown 2:2 (2 blonde 2 brown) back to back. It will be very chunky and could go wrong if you can't get a clean blonde like that
A nicer effect might be do take the top 1 or 2 cm section out from the parting to create a veil so you dont see the roots, and it looks like peekaboo slices of colour. Bit less tacky than the chunky highlights look.
Yeah Idk of there is a name for the peekaboo chunky coloring..I guess just trial an error for now! Lol thanks!

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