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Sep 26, 2007
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Los Angeles
I have found this website by some strange miracle but am SO glad I did. There seem to be a lot of knowledgeable hair professionals here and I was hoping you could help me out. I have had some BAD luck with her professionals lately.

First, I went into a salon for some lowlights on my level 10 blonde highlited hair as well as a touch up on my level 8 dark blonde roots and got DARK ASH BROWN WITH WHITE STREAKS! I was able to correct the color myself by stripping it out (I gave the salon a chance to fix it but their only suggestion was adding in MORE highlites which left me looking even more zebra like). Then, after stripping my color out, I went in to get my hair cut to remove some of the damage and wound you with way too short hair (I wanted Jean Seberg but got John Seberg instead).

At this point, my color was light brown and I really wanted to go back to the blonde I was before all of this happened so I visited another salon. I wanted to use a high lift color instead of bleach as I'd been bleached in the past and wound up with very dry, straw like hair that only felt "better" after I re-deposited some tint back. The stylist, who talked a big game (I made sure to have a long chat with her before letting her touch my hair!) ended up giving me a like split pea soup greenish dark blonde at first and then stripped that out and gave me a very brassy dark blonde. I ended up toning it to a more neutral color at home myself.

Essentially, all of my recent experiences have taught me that if I want it done right, I should just do it myself as it seems that even though I have NO formal hair training, I still wind up doing better than the professionals. I am in no way finicky. In fact, I love to tip big just for the amount of effort I see the stylist put forth. But I'm beginning to think most salon professionals just want to do the quickest, easiest thing possible without regard for the damage (or even the results) their sloppiness may cause.

To get to the point (and I really apologize for this being so drawn out), I'm currently a dark blonde and wish to go lighter. I've done a strand test at home and was happy with the results I got using a high lift color. I would prefer to go to a professional but I'm afraid because of my bad experience. My hair is also very short and I'm afraid the pro will lighten my hair unevenly, leaving the roots much lighter than the length (as the last colorist did).

Can I lighten using high lift color? Should I go see a professional despite my fears or do it myself? Should I opt for highlites (which are much lower maintenance) even though my hair is very short (2 to 3 inches)?

Once again, thank you very much for reading and any advice you may have. I'm really desperate for advice from someone who knows what he/she is doing. If any of you are in Los Angeles, please let me know so I can come see YOU for a consultation!
hi i would go to a salon tell them what you want show them the strand test you have done at home make them do a strand test using thier products till you get the result you want then and only if you are happy let them continue with the service at my salon we always do a strand test so the client can see the end result hope this helps good luck not all hair salons are bad

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