Colorissimo 12 series has anyone used them?


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Jul 22, 2013
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Hi geeks, I've just got in the 12 series of renbows colorissimo and I'm looking for some reviews on the shades produced, usually I find the 10 & 11 series all turn out a little gold so I've got 12.1 & 12.2 to try out, have any of you tried them?
Ive not used them shades but I didnt particularly like the range I used some of the darker shades and I too found them really golden but very matte like there was no shine with them ( base 4 and 5 anyway) would rather not use them and would rather use Lk and wella x

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We are a loreal salon but my boss favours the colorissimo 12.1 and 12.2 over any other high lift tints! She loves them! Personally I find them a bit lumpy to mix, and the consistency of them a bit runny... Other than that though, seems to perform well in terms of lift etc.
They lift amazingly I was shocked how much they lift but they arent the kindest on the hair. 12.1 and 12.2 both come out the same aswell. I think the base shades are good and the high lift reds are good just like majicontrast haven't had chance to try many of them but they haven't had the best feedback on here.
Thanks for the feedback guys! I tried it out after and it was ok, it was nice around the front but a bit dark & warm at the crown & back, I toned it afterwards to reduce the warmth a bit and the result was lovley, I've just got almost the whole range in, can't wait to try the HLR! I'll keep posting updates on the different colours and how they turn out, there dosent seem to be many reviews on colorissimo on here.
Also have you tried using them with 30 vol? You still get a good lift but the lower peroxide allows more tone to deposit x
Yes I've tried the 11's & 10's with 9% I don't usually use 12% I find they all lift well but I find their warm looking, I hoped by using the 12.2 it would knock the warmth right out but it diddnt on the whole, it would be great if they could bring a mix tone out you could add in to counteract the warmth whilst colouring save having to tone afterwards.
Ah yes I agree! My advice would be to apply pure tint without peroxide to the hair for the last 15 mins of development! Sounds odd but it's a great tip I learnt from a geek on here, the extra kick of ammonia lifts it past that last stage of warmth to create a cleaner blonde x
Funny you should say that actually! It did cross my mind to do that yesterday! I'll give that a go thanks :)

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